Ministry EXPO

Typically a CMML conference would include display tables of various assembly ministries that inspire, equip, and help the Body of Christ. This year, we invite you to explore our virtual ministry expo and learn more about these vital assembly ministries today!

Anthem Songs

Anthem Songs is a ministry dedicated to the following vision,  “To create a platform for a new collection of hymns and songs from every era of the church to promote unity and multi-generational worship for the honor, glory, and praise of our Lord Jesus Christ.”



assemblyHUB exists to evaluate and promote the practices of the assembly movement with the Word of God and encourage positive, healthy growth within the local church. To encourage acceptance and appreciation for the views of others in relation to personal conviction.

Rock International

ROCK International was established in December of 2006 with a vision to offer children relief, opportunity, and care in the midst of danger, abuse, and neglect. From that passion flowed another purpose: to produce and propagate multi-language, captivating, chronological gospel media tools that clearly communicate God’s story and message to a worldwide audience of all ages and cultures.

Biblical Eldership Resources


The worldwide mission of BER is to promote local church shepherding by a plurality of godly, mature elders, who both model spiritual maturity and shepherd the local church toward greater maturity. The strategy of BER is modeled after the inspired church planter, the apostle Paul, in his instruction to Timothy: “The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also” (2 Tim 2:2). BER equips local church leaders in developing effective,  reproducible, affordable and sustainable elder training in the context of the local church.

Emmaus Bible College

Emmaus Bible College is an accredited 4-year private college located in Dubuque, Iowa. Emmaus combines Christ-Centered Education, Uncompromised Biblical Teaching, and Valuable Professional Degrees such as Bible and Ministry, Inter-Cultural Studies, Business, Counseling, Education, and even STEM fields, like Math, Computer Science and Health Sciences. Emmaus has been training graduates to go out and impact the world for Christ all over the world.


Gospel Folio Press

Gospel Folio Press has been established and maintained to continue publishing, printing, and distributing Christian Literature throughout the world. We are a non-profit operation and a registered charity to operate as a Christian Ministry supplying reliable Books and Bible Study materials to the Lord’s people. It is also our objective to donate materials to missionaries, outreach efforts, and those who need good literature to support their ministries as the Lord provides the resources to do so.

Legacy Ministries Canada

Legacy Ministries Canada equips Christians as they steward God’s resources. We teach Biblical Stewardship, desiring to see Christians grounded in the truth of Scripture and given the tools to live out that truth every day. We support and strengthen evangelical Christian Ministries in their missions and in their roles as stewards. We also provide charitable giving opportunities through the Legacy Donor Advised Fund, giving Christians creative ways to support ministries that are close to their hearts.

Believers Stewardship Services

Believers Stewardship Services (BSS) exists to serve the Lord’s people in the support of His work. We are passionate about helping people who want to see God’s work continue, and we love to serve them in that desire. We assist Christians in their giving to the work of Christian ministries and help them plan how they can construct their estates to effectively steward their resources to future generations. Our team also assists local church elders and deacons in regulatory and compliance matters that may face their local fellowships.

FBH International

In response to the Great Commission, FBH International glorifies God by communicating the gospel of the grace of God as expressed in the Bible by any personal or technological means. By this, we contribute to the process through which unbelievers come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and Christians become conformed to His likeness.


Assembly Care Ministries

Assembly Care exists to connect believers from New Testament patterned assemblies with commended workers, ministries and other similar assemblies in North America. A second goal is to make believers more aware of commended workers laboring within North America, their practical needs, and our Biblical responsibility to “fellowship” in the gospel by meeting their needs.

The Ezekiel Project

Our goal and desire are to train Christians to share the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ wherever they go! We do this in two ways:
  1. Our one-week training seminars are focused on the “What?” and “How?” of evangelism equipping believers to “GO” into all the world with the good news of salvation.
  2. The Ezekiel Project School of Evangelism is a discipleship program that dives deeper into “rightly dividing the Word of Truth.” Through the study of hermeneutics, theology, missions, and various other classes we desire to equip the student to be firmly grounded in the Word of God and equipped to be a blessing in their home churches and communities.